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Servicing the Newcastle, The Hunter and Greater NSW

Rapid Response / Virtual Patrols

Rapid Response Patrol Services

As part of our integrated approach to securing your assets, Balanced Security offers a 24 hour patrol and alarm response service.


We restrict our vehicles to tight geographic patrol locations and ensuring our patrols do not set recognizable patterns we ensure your commercial site is effectively monitored and any potential alarm response time significantly minimised.


In addition to excellent levels of patrol coverage we can also offer the range of day-to-day security services.

  • Randomised, after hours, site inspections
  • 24hr Rapid alarm response service
  • Lock-up/ Unlock service
  • After hours employee escorts
  • Any special security service your business requires

Virtual Patrols

The next best thing to a full-time Balanced Security guard on-site is a virtual one.

For a fraction of the cost of traditional manpower, we can provide you with our customary high level of surveillance where you require an extended security presence onsite.


We can configure any combination of tailored services – from offsite monitoring of video surveillance, building controls, and intrusion detection systems to provide greater awareness and verification of alarm activations and incidents. 


Taking advantage of our expertise remotely not only has considerable cost savings; you’re able to validate information before responding. We understand being able to verify a genuine alarm activation via video monitoring is vital for high-risk sites, where any suspicious activity or threat can then be dealt with in real time, whether it be dispatching the police, or a routine security patrol